Dear Customers, Friends, and our Employee Family at Yesterdays Boutique

After over 50 years of retail business in gifts and women’s accessories, we are sad and disappointed to announce that Yesterdays will be closing its Arnot Mall location.  We would like to thank you all for your loyal patronage, but unfortunately the exit of anchor retailers from the Arnot Mall such as Macy’s, the Bon Ton and Sears, and the exodus of national brand retailers such as the Gap, Victoria Secret and Justice, as well as numerous independent retailers over the past six years at the Arnot Mall has reduced the retail customer traffic for Yesterdays below sustainable operating levels.  

This, coupled with lingering covid effects such as a reduced available employee pool, plus the growth of inflationary costs to operate a retail business at the Arnot Mall force us to close the doors there.  While there are no current plans to re-open in a new location, we are always looking for new opportunities where an independent gift and women’s accessories store would be successful.  

In the meantime, please take advantage of the Yesterdays “STORE CLOSING SALE” through February 28, 2023, and we always encourage our Customers, Friends and Family to visit our sister store, Connors Mercantile on Market Street in Corning, NY.  

You will certainly find all the brands and the excellent customer service you have come to expect at Yesterdays at our Connors Mercantile location, and online at

Scout Indoor Windchimes

Scout Indoor Windchimes

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Scout Indoor Windchimes

$ 28.00 USD
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$ 28.00 USD

Captured sunlight transforms into beautiful rainbows that spread joy. Crafted from brass, semi precious gemstones and crystal.

Indoor Use Only


- Materials: Brass with gold plating, crystal, semi-precious stone and suction cup with a metal hook.

- Comes packed in muslin bag inside a box that tells the name of the stone.

- Suction cup with a metal hook included to easily attach to windows.

- Indoor use only.

Stone of Magic: Labradorite

Stone of Courage: Amazonite

Stone of Protection: Amethyst

Stone of Balance: Moonstone